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  1. Hello. I am lila.I and actually HMONG. I am from Wisconsin, United States. I would DEARLY love if i ever got to see Ann. I started liking Ann because she is veryy beautiful, talented, and a good actress! I hope to get to meet her SOMEDAYY! :)) <3

  2. I feel happy. maybe you can not see this message,i just want to say ,i love you. i am come from china,

  3. พี่แอนคือนางฟ้าที่แสนดีพี่แอนเป้นคนดีที่กตัญญุน่ายกย่องเป็นพี่สาวที่น่ารัก

  4. P’Anne-i admire you so much-you are my favorite actress & your acting skills are incredible 😀 one of the first lakorns i watched was Oum Ruk & i loved it

  5. My name is Shmily,I’m from China.
    P’Anne,you’re wonderful existence in my heart.I can’t wait to give all the best wishes to you .
    Thank you for bringing us so much happiness and may you the sum of all our happiness.
    You’re such a nice and hard-working person that i’m proud of you and i want to make myself better because of your example.
    Wish you live and work with smile. Happy forever!Hope your dream come true,my best Anne!

  6. My name is Benben, I’m from China.
    Anne, you are so amazing and incredible! When I saw your smiling face among the crowd, I knew I would support you forever!
    Anne, I will love you forever!

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